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Powder Metallurgy Parts

PM Powder Metallurgy Shock Absorber Parts Pistons Rod Guides Base Valves

Brand: XSD
Certification: IATF16949
Material: mixed metal powder (Fe, Cu, C,  etc)
Application: shock absorber parts, oil damper parts
Process: PM powder metallurgy, powder metal sintering
Product Advantages
• Great prices.
• IATF 16949 standard
• Reliable quality performance 
• Customized design and multiple configurations
XSD PM Powder Metallurgy Parts
• Create little waste & Low Cost
• Well controlled elements:  porosity, shapes and customized density
• Special properties:  increased corrosion resistance, self-lubricating, quiet running
• High precision: well mixed, high uniform, offer tightest or closest tolerances on the market
• Versatile products:  wide variety of molds to fabricate shock absorber parts of numerous designs and shapes
• Highly efficient: with automated production line, annual production for powder metallurgy parts 600 millions pieces

XSD PM Powder Metallurgy Parts
• Shock absorber parts: sintered pistons, foot valves, rod guides, etc 
• Other sintered parts: bearings, gears, rings, sprockets, structure parts , etc
• Various applications: cars, motorcycle, furniture, construction, electronics, hardware,powder tools, air conditioner, etc

XSD Powder Metallurgy Advantages
• Rigid quality control under IATF16949 standard
• National level CNAS laboratory with complete inspecting tools
• International advanced production line with annual output 60 million pieces
• Competitive experience in shock absorber parts and PM powder metal sintered parts manufacture

IATF16949 management
- Our quality system is managed rigidly under IATF 16949 standard
- We use tools and methods of IATF16949 to collect data, analyze root and correct or improve process control
- We also follow standard management on equipment and tools that keep production running efficiently and precisely
- We make material inspection, process control , function test and final inspection to make sure customers' requirements are conformed

Package & Delivery
- Customized package box, pallet, logo, print, etc. 
- Good stack & solid bind for long time transportation.
- Packing and shipments managed by well trained personnel.
- Dispatch goods with utmost care, and reach within the specified deadline.

- One stop & traceable service
- Total Customer-focus commitment
- Freely contact: 24h×7ds available with fast response
Technical Datas
Product name Powder Metallurgy Parts,  Shock Absorber parts
Condition New & Top Quality
Application Auto suspension shock absorbers, hydraulic dampers
Process type Powder metallurgy , metal powder sintering
Material & content  Iron, copper, carbon and other metal powder (Fe, Cu, C, etc.)
Other materials at choice: steel powder 
Surface bonding  PTFE, TEFLON (Polytetrafluoroethylene)
Density 6.8g/cm³  (custom density range 6.4-6.9g/cm³ )
Hardness Customized, 55-90HRB
Shape & dimension  Customized
Inspection  100% inspected before shipping
Surface treatment Ultrasonic cleaning and steaming. Other finishing requirements from clients can be customized
Samples Sent fast
OEM / ODM  Yes
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